Professional Poker Tips – Tequila Poker

Tequila Poker is a fun casino game which is a unique variation of poker and relatively new to the online casino world. With lots of cards on the board and different options to choose from, there is some decision making involved in this game, so give yourself the best chance of success by following a simple Tequila Poker strategy.

In Tequila Poker, you are dealt four cards and are then put to a decision. You have the option of playing “High Tequila”, where you are trying to achieve the most points based on the ranks of your cards, or “Tequila Poker”, where you are trying to make the best five card poker hand. So which option should you choose? Which has the

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greatest advantage?

In reality the payouts and odds are very similar for both “High Tequila” and “Tequila Poker” so your choice needs to be based on your starting cards. You need to determine which option is likely to give you a payout, and if you’re in a strong position, which option is potentially going to give you the largest payout based on your starting cards.

If you have a Pair or better, four cards to a Flush or four cards to a Straight then you should choose to play “Tequila Poker” and attempt to make the best poker hand possible.

This includes both outside straight draws (where you have eight cards to make your straight) and inside straight draws (only four cards to make your straight). By applying this strategy you will choose the “Tequila Poker” option nearly 32% of the time.

If your highest three cards total 28 or more then you are well placed to go for the “High Tequila” option. You have a very good chance of qualifying by scoring 46 or more, so cross your fingers that your next two cards bring picture cards (i.e. tens or better). By applying this strategy you will choose the “High Tequila” option around 30% of the time.

If both of the above conditions are satisfied then you are in a great position and should make a choice based on which hand is stronger and likely to potentially provide you with the largest payout.

Make sure you double check the payout tables before you make your decision. For example if you are lucky enough to have four aces dealt to you as your starting cards then you are in an excellent position. If you have a look at the payout table for playing “Tequila Poker” you’ll see that Four-of-a-Kind pays out 15:1. This is a great result, but your hand will not improve any further from the next two cards. However if you look at the “High Tequila” payout table, you’ll find that a 53 pays out 16:1 and that 54 pays out 201:1. That means as long as one of your next two cards are at least a 9 or better then you are going to get a better payout by playing “High Tequila”.

You have a great chance of hitting a “ten” and getting a massive 201:1 payout so you should take this opportunity. Always check the payout table and when you are in a strong position look for opportunities to draw to the largest payout possible.

This of course means that you should be folding your starting hand around 38% of the time if you are applying the correct strategy.

Tequila Poker is a great casino game to take a break from the usual grind of Blackjack or Poker. The different options provide multiple ways to win which makes this an exciting game to play. Adapt the above strategy and give yourself the best chance of taking home some extra profits!

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River Belle Online Casino has just launched their new website and casino software targeted to UK players. The new River Belle UK portal will comprise of an Online Casino, an Online Poker room and Online Bingo.

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The new online casino will offer a massive variety of entertaining games like baccarat, blackjack,

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Professional Casino Gambling Tips – Baccarat

Baccarat is a hugely popular casino game and can be a lot of fun and excitement when a large crowd has gathered around the table. Although it is a game of pure chance, there are still quite a few strategies that can be employed to keep the house edge to a minimum.

The first tip is to always bet on the banker. This may be a little counter-intuitive because the house takes a commission from the banker bets rather than player bets. However because of the way the game is played, it is better over the long term to bet on the banker even including this commission, at many land based casinos you will see players marking the results on a scorecard.

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and betting with the trends. Keeping score has absolutely no value as the smart player is always betting on the banker regardless of prior trends.

This strategy also implies that you should never bet on the tie. Betting on the tie has a very large house edge of around 15%, so it’s not a good idea at all.

The house edge is also dependent upon how many decks are in use in the game. If you can find a casino that uses six decks rather than eight decks then this also reduces the house edge very slightly.

Finally make a note of what the commission is at the table before you sit down. Usually it will be 5% but some casinos do offer a 4% commission. So aim to find a table using six decks with a 4% commission, bet on the banker, cross your fingers and hope for the best!

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